Slide Judy Chao Jewellery
“Gems, diamonds and jades— though I love unique gems, I honor all kinds of materials and I am keen on exploring more medium. I believe in my ability to create valuable jewellery, even with materials people deem ordinary.”

The creative director of brand, Judy Chao, created the brand in 1996 with her uniquely tailored designs. With her artistic sentiment, bold use of colors, and ability to utilize different materials, Judy won the hearts of countless individuals from costumers to private and international auctions and exhibitions.

“I am who I am, not calculative and don’t drift along with trends. Classic is being yourself; classic is being firm in your stance.”

As an ambitious designer and a carefree individual, Judy’s designs are unrestricted to a single style. From minimalist to vintage, goth to classic, one thing that never changed is her pursuit of beauty. Judy remains unfazed when facing the ever-changing market trend, not conforming to fast fashion. Her loyal customers all agree that Judy’s designs “are not limited by time and will never go out of style.”

“Small, delicate, and clever— jewelleries are wearable pieces of art.”
Judy loves using rare gemstones as the centerpiece of her designs. She wields her imagination and adds her bold touch of original spirit in every one of her creation. To customers, Judy weaves her dedication, exquisite craftmanship, and precious gems all together to form the ultimate piece of wearable art.

“The value of jewellery lies not only in its capability to be inherited and preserved, but more so in its emotional capacity. To me, every piece of jewellery carries an individual costumer’s memory and story.”

Ever since the establishment of the brand, Judy strives to convey the message that jewellery’s value is not just about the gems, but its symbolization of a special moment in one’s life. Accessories can be tokens of sincere blessings, lifelong promises, celebrations, and more. 
“Hearts on custom tailoring, hands on offering top-tiered jewellery design.”

Judy believes in everyone’s uniqueness and adores incorporating that individuality into her designs. To showcase each client’s taste and personality, she dedicates her work solely to custom-made jewellery. 

To transform intangible experiences and emotions to physical jewellery, Judy must have an in-depth understanding of her customers. Through her deep bonds with her clients, Judy always knows how to exceed expectation and imagination.

Treating each customer with her passion for jewellery, Judy welcomes everyone who visits her shop. Her designs elicit precious memories and bring newfound energy to all. At last, Judy only wants to help her customers shine, from inside out, along with their accessories.