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Every client of Judy Chao Jewellery has a moment to celebrate and a story to cherish. With your customized jewellery, we bring your imagination to life.

Step 1: Make an appointment
Here at Judy Chao Jewellery, we provide 2 types of customizations:

  1. Fully customed design
    Have a rough idea? Share your thoughts with us and we will bring your imagination to life. 
  2. Classic collection design
    Not sure where to start? Your welcomed to take a look at our award-winning collection and make requests off of our beloved classic designs. 

Reserve your availability through our online form, e-mail, or a phone call. We are excited to serve you and answer any queries!

Step 2: Consultation

Share your wildest ideas with us! We will sketch out your accessory based on your request, budget, and desired styles. Once the design is confirmed, the order will be deemed established, and we will strive to present the design of your dream. 

* As we are sure you understand, customized jewelleries are all made-to-order. Hence, once the order is confirmed, the purchase will be deemed complete, and no cancellation or altercation will be accepted. 

*Each piece of design is unique; therefore, the processing time varies by case as well. When we confirm your design, we will also quote and provide the estimated production time of your order. 

*Every sketch and picture of Judy Chao’s design belongs to the intellectual property rights of the Judy Chao International Company and shall not be shared without permission.

Step 3: Production

Judy Chao Jewellery constantly seeks out partnership with international diamond manufacturers. We provide high quality gemstones and diamonds to every customer. Our one-stop service encapsulates the entire production of your accessory from raw material, design, to manufacturing. Please rest assured that even the smallest detail of your jewellery is supervised by professionals.

Step 4: Pick-up

Voila! When your order is completed, you will be notified through e-mail and phone calls. Our store staffs will confirm the specifications of your jewellery on the spot; if in-person pick-up is not available for you, we can also arrange special deliveries to your desired address.

Jadeite Peacock Brooch

As the mortal embodiment of the phoenix, the imagery of peacocks has been used by countless cultures throughout history.
Being the inspiration of art, literature, and religion, the ethereal beauty of peacocks can only be portrayed by watery-light jadeites.
Take a look again, and you will find pure delight in the diaphanous gown of The King of Feathers.

Purple Jade Watch

The color of purple jades captures an enchanting power of elegance. Its softness against the vivid greens of jadeites shines a light on the owner’s sophistication.
More than just a watch, The Periwinkle Dream is a fairy’s gentle touch on your wrist, inspiring fortune and prosperity.

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