Every piece of jewellery is precious, and we appreciate your sentiment. Here at Judy Chao Jewellery, we are delighted to provide costume cleaning care and repair services.

Basic Cleaning and Care

  1. Diamonds— for a simple, at-home care, put your diamonds in warm water and use neutral soap and soft brushes to clean them. 
  2. Other gemstones— if your accessory includes gems other than diamonds, make sure to NOT clean with the previously stated method. You are more than welcomed to bring your accessory back to Judy Chao Jewellery and we will handle your item professionally for you. 
  3. Store your accessory in its original packaging to avoid scratches and overall damage. Always place your jewellery on soft surfaces. 
  4. Avoid collision with other sharp, coarse accessories or objects. If physical damage occurred by accident, please check if any gemstones came loose.
  5. Be gentle when operating the clasp of your accessory. 
  6. Do not wear your jewellery while working out or during sport to prevent physical damage and contact with excess bodily chemicals.  
  7. Refrain your jewellery from contacting perfume, alcohol, makeup, ammonia, chlorine, and other chemicals. This prevents discoloration or other damage to your accessory. We suggest waiting for you perfume and makeup to volatilize before putting on your accessory.

Warranty & Letter of Guarantee
All jewellery sold by us comes with a stamped letter of guarantee. Our warranty includes two kinds of services:

  1. Repair and Cleaning
    If your accessory suffered any damage (scratches, strain marks, missing parts, and such) please book an appointment for our team to professionally evaluate and fix the damage. Any related expenses will be charged on a case-by-basis.
  2. Special Repolishing
    Through years of company and daily wear and tear, your accessory might lose some of its luster. Our cleansing, polishing, and plating services will return your beloved accessory back to its prime. Bring your jewellery back to our shop and our professional jeweller will offer you the most suitable option.

Exceptions to Warranty
Judy Chao Jewellery is not responsible for any damage conducted by undesignated third-party jewellery shops.

Please bring your letter of guarantee for every after sales service. If there are remaining concerns, please contact us through costumer service or visit our shop. We are eager to provide you services of the highest standards.