Thank you for choosing to be a part of our community at Judy Chao International Company Ltd (“Company”, “we”, “us”, “our”). We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. In this privacy notice, we seek to explain to you what information we collect, how we use it, and what rights you have in relation to it. We hope you take some time to read through it carefully as it is in your best interest to understand your rights.

  1. About this Privacy Policy
    This privacy policy explains how we use the personal identification data collected when you use our website ( services, including:

    1. Information that you provide by filling in forms on our website (such as your name, email address, phone number, mailing address and any other personal data).
    2. When registering your account or updating any information, please provide correct and complete information to maintain the integrity of our database. 

    A gentle reminder that this privacy policy does not apply to external links outside of our website.

  2. How We Collect and Use Your Information
    When you visit our website, or use the functional services provided by our website, you will be asked to provide necessary personal information according to the service used. We may process and use your personal data within the scope of the specific purpose. We will not use your personal data for other purposes without your written consent.

    1. Our website will retain your name, email address, contact information, etc., when you use customized services, appointment request, contact us and other forms for future communication.
    2. In placing an order, you consent to us contacting you by telephone, e-mail, text message, etc. In addition, you also consent to our company providing your personal information to cooperating third party services that is related to the transaction (such as delivery services, customs, etc.)
    3. During your browsing of our website, our server will record relevant behaviors, including IP address, time of use, browser used, browsing and click data records, etc., as references for future improvements. This record is private to our company will not be published or shared. 
    4. To improve our accuracy, we will integrate statistical data, classification, and market analysis after your visit to our website. This record is only used for internal product, service, and website improvements. It will not be published or shared without your consent. 
    5. To protect your rights and interests, we will not disclose your personal information to any organization outside the company or any third parties without your agreement.
    6. Our website is obliged to protect the privacy of all of our users. We will not modify or delete any personal data and files without your consent.
  3. Protecting Your Information
    Our entire website is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. There is also a basic firewall that protects your information. Only authorized staffs can access your personal data. All processing staffs are on a confidentiality contract which legally forbids the breaching of our obligations. If it is necessary to entrust third party services due to our business needs, our website will enforce a strict confidentiality requirement for them to comply with. We guarantee taking necessary inspection procedures to ensure that they will indeed comply.
  4. Sharing Your Information
    Our website will never provide, exchange, rent, or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private companies, or public agencies, excluding when complying to law or contractual obligations.The proviso in the previous paragraph includes but is not limited to:

    1. With your written consent.
    2. When your behavior on our website violates our terms of service, or may damage or obstruct the rights and interests of our website and other users, or cause damage to anyone, we will disclose your personal information to related law enforcement agency, court, regulator, government authority, or other third party services necessary to comply with legal or regulatory obligation.
    3. When our website entrusts a manufacturer to assist in the collection, processing, or using of your personal data, we strive to supervise and manage the outsourced manufacturer or individual.
  5. Amendment of Privacy Policy
    We may update this privacy policy according to our needs. The updated version will be posted on our website with a revised “Last updated” date.
    If there is any remaining concern, please contact us at:
    Phone: +886-2-2708-8698
    E-mail: [email protected]